April 1st, 2010

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Voice Post

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“Oh, it's after midnight and I just realized I didn't host anything tomorrow live your health today. Not that that's unusual but I wanted you. Anyways, they spent pretty good. I got some good things done at work, I had a good appointment with my therapist. And why can't you drink very sweet. Lucky is apparently shedding her winter coat cause she wants to be combed and brushed and just generally man handled and smacked around. Just as long as you it keeps the hair off her. Jerry meanwhile is just a big, giant ground beast. She, I don't know, maybe it's possible he's still growing. Either that or his hair is still growing. His hair is like ridiculous, I mean, I found a strainer the other day like lying around, at first I thought it was my hair but the I looked at it and it was clearly cat hair and it has multiple colors in it and it was like 8ins long. And I think it's from his tail cause his tail has really long fur but he is crazy like dog crazy cat and he's lounging here and staring at my phone cause I think it's reflecting light on to me and he's gotta ___ with light. Lucky me, ___. Is cleaning her fur, of course and I'm going to bed.”

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