April 27th, 2010

geek, obamame_geek

How Food Waste Happens

At the Emory Midtown Hospital mini-Starbucks:

Barrista: A mocha and then what else?
Wendy: A blueberry scone and a banana.
Barrista: A banana?
Wendy: Yes, please.
Barrista: But... Well, those bananas are half-green and just for decoration.
Wendy: Oh.
Barrista: But I'll sell you one. But yeah, I just put them out for decoration.
Wendy: I actually love green bananas. They're not plastic, are they?
Barrista: No. Here you go.

So yeah, got a perfectly good banana for 75 cents. A decorative banana!

Somebody should tell that barrista that fruit is... good for you?