June 1st, 2010


Not Waving, Drowning

Um, OK, so actually Subject line is melodramatic.

But I desperately need to check in here after some absence. Storm and my mom have both said that if they get silence from me, they know something is UP.

Well, in truth there's nothing much "up" right now, in a horrible way, and I'm not depressed, just a bit withdrawn or something. I've been up to lots of things -- editing, photos, reading, etc. -- but somehow just not been super keen on sharing it all via LJ.

Anyway, just to get back on track, a quick rundown of what's been up in Wendy-ville:

  • Did my 1/2 of editing on Paragenesis, the first-ever Wraeththu short story anthology coming out of Immanion Press. Storm's the co-editor, of course. We split the stories and have also contributed two of our own and one short essay each. The intro will be by Brad Carpenter, producer of Queer Eye and other TV shows -- and huge Wraeththu fan.
  • Been putting out a TON of artwork on DeviantArt. On weekends I go out on "photo runs" where I walk around for a couple hours various places taking tons of photos. It's so fun, plus it's exercise, and then for the rest of the week I "process" and post. Wondering what I do? See http://wiebkefesch.deviantart. I'll have 2000 pieces in my Gallery by the end of this month.
  • I got my feet checked out and now wear orthotics. My feet are now working again. One leg was a bunch longer than the other and my super-high arches were messing me up. It was an easy fix and nearly all covered by insurance.
  • And in BIG news, I've enrolled in a medically monitored weight loss program. After ten years of best intentions and a couple instances of modest success, I've decided that I need something monitored, supervised and structured. That worked very well for me in terms of therapy (someone to "report back to") so I figure it will for weight loss too. Program is out of Emory, which also makes it super convenient. I really need to a whole post about it (tomorrow?) but for now, the basics are: 1) 14-week active program plus 6 mo. follow up, 2) weekly meeting, doctor visit, labs tests, weigh-in, 3) first 7 weeks on 800-calorie controlled "meal replacement" diet, 4) next 7 weeks working from meal subs to meals. The idea is to cold turkey off the food habit and then reprogram to something resembling sanity... as opposed to say having a huge tray of chips, giant burrito and a pint of beer for dinner. BUT I will write this all up soon, so no worries.

So consider this post a teaser for more to come...