June 3rd, 2010

Yellow Wendy

Travel plans and ideas

So... travel ideas percolating again. My last big trip was the awesome Rome-Naples trip back in November. And last July I was in England. What next?

For this year I've been entertaining the thought of a trip to England again, since Fantasycon's in September and the book I've worked on is launching there. I'd see Storm and some other folks I know, visit Storm a couple of days at least, and then maybe roam around some other parts of England I've not been to. Or Scotland.

But then there's the fact that the news plane tickets hasn't been good and England costs a fortune even when I stay with friends, so maybe the idea of traveling around staying in some hotels and inns might not work. My finances are still quite wobbly.

So maybe... although I would really love to see Storm, do Fantasycon, etc...

I'm now thinking that perhaps I'll just let vacation accrue and then next spring, go out for this Germany trip I've had in my head for some time. I've never been to northern Germany, which is where my family is actually from! I keep thinking of going to Hamburg, which has always attracted me, and then go on to Bremen (Oma's home city) and Bremerhaven (Opa's home city) on the northeast coast. And while I'm at it, maybe do some kind of tour around the flat planes and/or coast up there. Perhaps by bike. And I could do this over a week and a half or two weeks, if I have the vacation.

And Caleb and I might also wind up a trip around Nov. or Dec., who knows. I'd be up to a short trip to Germany (Cologne again, I hope) or Italy, either one.