June 4th, 2010


Writer's Block: Bad trip.

What was your worst travel experience ever, and why?

When I was about 14 and was going up to Ithaca to stay with my sister Nancy and family for a couple of weeks. My mom had seen a good airfare so she thought hey, why not send Wendy alone? Saves a 9 hr. drive (one way) from Andover, right? Well, long, long story short, had to make a switch in Newark but wound up, get this, BEING TAXIED up to Ithaca. Yes, in a TAXI! Four hours up to Ithaca! Leaving at midnight. Why? Because the airline apparently thought it was better to get us going than to book us a hotel. Or something. I was lucky I got a taxi, though, because I was only with three strangers (driver and two business travelers) while the rest of the flight got a bus or something. Also, when we stopped at a diner who-knows-where at at 3 a.m., they pitched in and bought me yummy dinner food. I arrived at my sister's at around 5:30 a.m. All my taxi driver had to go on was the street name and me just knowing where she lived. Nancy left the door unlocked so could just slip in a collapse. (The flight home at least I got to fly but the tiny plane from Ithaca to Newark was so cold I thought my toes would break off.)

BTW, the worst overall trip just in itself, not travel, was probably the weekend Caleb and I went out to Savannah and encountered the worst weather IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. As in 40s, 30 mph winds, and driving sideways rain. The Weather Channel was on and the weather was better in the Dakotas, Maine, Oregon, you name it! It was ridiculous. Also not fun: an extremely hostile hostel with no hot water, plastic sheets and shady characters. It was so bad Caleb had an anxiety attack and we booked a flight home a day early, after only one night. Despite this, I had some fun and got pictures, but still, what a cursed trip!