June 6th, 2010



After patiently waiting two years, finally Amazon.de gave me good news -- Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes (um, last book in Harry Potter) is finally available in softcover! Well, it will be in October. I've read the first 6 in the German softcover and pretty much refused to read the last in anything but the German softcover. The hardcover has been available of course but it's twice as expensive, too heavy and wouldn't -match- my set. I'm funny like that. Meanwhile, I didn't even cheat and go read the English. Again, because I'm like that. So I just pre-ordered and come early November, I'll have it at last!

Harry's Diet-by-Proxy

It's finally dawned on me that in going on a diet, I also put Harry on a diet. This is because Harry had grown quite used to getting lots and lots of human food treats off me. Much like I always did with my dog Taffy, I'd let him lick plates, throw him bits of all kinds of food (knowing he loves just about everything), put out saucers of milk, etc. Not to any ill effect either, as Harry's not fat, if you feel under the fur. He's quite a muscular cat. But he grew so used to begging and climbing rudely into my lap to get food, etc., that now he's quite confused. Over this weekend when I would eat my special food bar, which is solid food, Harry was begging, but no WAY is the cat having ANY of my 800 calories a day, LOL. Same thing for my soup. A couple of hours ago he was trying to get at my shake. No way! So Harry is forced to eat cat food, how sad. He and Luckie do have some nice cat treats they like, so not like it's all kibble all the time. But Harry is on a diet, still.