June 16th, 2010

harry upside down, harry4

Bug Smack Down -- Attempted

It's been insanely hot in Atlanta and the bugs and insects of this town are, seems to me, really digging it, even if the humans are not.

Last night I was awoken by some kind of commotion coming from near the birdcage. I thought it was the bird having a freak-out (night terrors) or Harry tormenting her. But but no, it was Harry having a FIT because a little moth was flying just outside the window. It's the ONE window w/o the blinds down. He was jumping 3-4 feet in the air and trying to smack the thing. Meanwhile the bird, in the covered cage, is like "What are you DOING? I'm trying to sleep!" Of course, Luckie saw the moth, too, but there wasn't enough room on the windowsill for her AND Harry. I uncovered the bird so she'd be less scared, then let Harry alone. "Boom, boom, boom!" I don't know if he stopped eventually or I just fell asleep.

Then this morning, Harry was visiting me in bed as usually when he jumped over to the window next to the bed. The blind was only open about a foot -- but through that he found 1) a moth sleeping / adhered to the exterior glass and 2) a HUGE fly, cleaning itself on the outside sill. The fly was like a centimeter long -- like it was magnified. Harry was going insane. His eyes went like double-wide and he was fretting like this was his biggest chance in life. (Only not, since there's -glass- in the way.) He wasn't chattering but making little sad sounds, like "Oh, oh, oh, I wants it!" Finally it flew away but then he spent 20 minutes staring and trying to see it. He was sure it would come back.

Does the heat bring these things out? I hope one of those huge beetle things turns up on the windows. It's very entertaining to see Harry try and get them. He has these huge paws and jumps and smacks them. In some ways I count him as clumsy, since he is a rotten jumper, but on the other hand, he can jump really high -straight up- and his paws are quite dextrous. He picks things up all kinds of small objects and passes them paw to paw. And his eyesight is good, even though he's sometimes too much of a doofus to -see- stuff.