June 24th, 2010

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Five Weeks Into the Diet

Happy to report that after 5 weeks dieting, including 4 straight weeks on the Optifast 800 plan, I've now lost 20 lbs. This is a third of the total weight I need and want to lose! I realize that the next two thirds (especially the last third) will not come so easily but still, very encouraging.

Meanwhile I continue to find the plan extremely easy to follow and have not been at all tempted to break the diet. When situations come up where I might have difficulty, I'm able to come up with strategies, like grabbing a zero cal soda if people are eating so I don't feel "left out." Or making sure to having on of my little meals just before I'm going to the event, so that way I'm satisfied and not driven insane by the presence of food. But really I'm not tempted and have stopped thinking about food all the time, the way I used to. Which is in part the point of going on the 800-cal. fasting diet that is Optifast.

Had a realization today. I was describing the way I used to load up with food at Einstein Bros. and the way I'd order at a favorit burrito place of mine, and I realized that often my overeating was tied into this desire to be "macho" about eating. I've done this since I was in elementary school -- always trying to prove I could eat as fast and as much as the boys. Later, the teenage boys. And now rather gluttonous men. I've always been able to "beat" or outdo men at most things, for example brains, so I've always kind of tried to prove how "macho" I am by being able to eat a lot, have a couple large beers, etc. "Oh,look I can eat a whole pizza all by myself!" Now I'm thinking that this competitiveness was rather stupid because I was basically competing in the competition to see who can be the biggest pig! And who was I trying to impress anyway?!

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