July 6th, 2010

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Racing to Catch Up with Myself

*deep breath*

Hi people. Sorry for not being around but fortunately it's not because of anything bad. More like because of a lot of good stuff keeping me busy. I keep meaning to note these things here on LJ, but then something else happens and I think "Man, this is going to be a lonnnng post!" You know how it is :)

Anyway, to catch up, albeit quickly...

New Computer!

So last week it finally arrived, all loaded up and gratis, courtesy of Emory -- my very own MacBook Pro. Considering I've been saving (in vain) for a new laptop -- and I did want a Mac, since I love my work desktop -- this was like gold falling from heaven.

My old Gateway has been a workhorse but it's five years old and nobody who does the kind of work I do should be using it. My software was so out of date, too, because I haven't upgraded anything forever. The PC is running Macromedia (yes) MX 2004 web suite. And Office 2003.

But anyway, my dear boss, who is always keen to make sure we have the tools we need, proposed the MacBook, not I, so that was a big YAY! One big benefit of this, besides yay, new home laptop, is that I will now be able to work at home more often b/c I have the resources. I will also have a lighter, smaller laptop to tote around Emory and elsewhere. I got a case for it already and whee! Going to be fun.

(Um, meanwhile I sense this entry isn't going to be so short...)

Beltline Fun

The past two weekends, I've had awesome fun on the Beltline! This is the amazing project that's going to take the old rail corridors circling intown Atlanta like a ring and transform it over time into walking/biking/etc. paths and finally light rail along-side. Some of the segments have opened, just rough, cleared rail line, not really finished, just "open to the public," and I am already loving it. The Beltline connects all these neighborhoods that are close together but which previously were disconnected b/c there was no way to walk or bike directly. (And I could go on and on, esp. since Caleb has done a -ton- of Beltline-related work and I know far too much about it.) But ANYWAY, the important thing is, fun is ensuing!

First off, the weekend before this last, on a Saturday, I saw a thing called Beltline Lantern Parade listed on a "What to do today" type list for Atlanta. I thought, "Hmmm, what's that?" Upon investigation, I discovered this was a way-cool nighttime parade through a next section of Beltline (from Inman Park to Piedmont Park!) organized by a local Krewe (est. in N.O.) that does fun creative stuff. Previously they had done lantern-making workshops and the idea was for folks to make their own creative lanterns and march through at night, lighting up the new path and filling it with positive energy, attract attention, etc. Well, to make a long story short, I made a lantern, showed up and met a lot of very cool, creative, generous people. I helped make a ton more lanterns, using supplies a couple brought, then ended up marching. Or hiking, really, as this was something like a forest or country path. I swear 1000 people showed up and it was the coolest, most positive, fun thing. There was even installation art, a crazy band and people offering us free water and watermelon. I felt ecstatic! I would describe the event as some kind of Eco-Hippie Intown Anarchist Rave. Yes, there -were- glowsticks and flashing body jewelry! I was high the whole next day after that!

Then yesterday Caleb and I had fun on another section of the Beltline. He knew it had opened and proposed a walk there yesterday morning, before it was going to get super hot. So we went down and wound up walking in this big arc from Ashby MARTA station all through SW Atlanta down to West End. It was over 3 miles but so fun. There were art installations (like the other section) and all kinds of birds and cool urban ruins. We went in a tunnel I loved. And there was an enormous, magnificent anti-BP mural the size of a blue whale, no lie! It wasn't too hot either, so overall it was very nice. Caleb and I both love hiking around trails and exploring new places and poking around.


Not sure what my last diet post was here, but as of this past Thursday, I've lost 23 lbs.! Yes, it's true! I started the program in late May, like May 22, and it's going very well. I only have about a week and a half of living on 800-cal. of the program's food, and it'll be nice to eat FOOD FOOD, but honestly it hasn't been at all bad. Haven't strayed off program or been tempted. Not extra hungry or run-down -- in fact I feel pretty sated, moreso than usual, and have a lot of energy! Seem to be sleeping better even. Meanwhile I've been able to increase exercise as I feel better and feel better about myself. Been walking, working out, going on photo hikes, doing lots of stairs. The weekly sessions have been helpful; being in a group and having to check in to a doctor and nurses really forces me to stay on stack. But anyway, the way things are going, I expect that by the end of the main program (14 wks.) I will have lost 35-40 lbs total. And then I will be continuing with a new lifestyle which means I will lose more after that, at a slower pace. If I can get back to a 20th century weight, that would be my accomplishment of -this- century thus far :)


OK, and because I've covered most of the bigger stuff, a list of other stuff:

  • Been producing a ton of videos for work and making marked improvement in my technique and speed. I've done like 200 videos now, it's crazy. Who ever would have thought 1/3 of my job would turn into video production?
  • Last night's fireworks -- over Centennial Olympic Park -- were AWESOME! I mean, extra awesome! I got to enjoy them on the balcony of Centennial Park West, where three neighbor-friends of mine live. They had a party and so the whole thing was a nice group experience. The fireworks were right -in our face- and 3D really. As usual the fireworks crew had thought up all kind of new stuff we'd never seen before, like, colored strobe sparkles, a 10-min. spark waterfall and pyrotechnics shooting off the roof of the Inforum!
  • Last week I started a group on DeviantArt for Art Deco architecture, a lifelong passion of mine. Now I have official justification for trolling DA for Deco. Collected hundreds of photos from all over the world so far, building membership, doing research so I can find more. It's very fulfilling since, IMO, Deco is super underappreciated among people my age, and just in general. It's actually endangered.
  • Paragenesis: Tales from the Dawn of Wraeththu -- the Wraeththu anthology Storm & I put together & wrote for -- is set to come out late summer. I've seen the proof and it is BEAUTIFUL. Not just the stories but ooh, artwork. Lotta Ruby :)

Writer's Block: The tenth time's the charm

What movie have you seen the most times in your life? How many times have you seen it? Will you ever grow tired of it?

No doubt the Wizard of Oz. I calculate I've seen it a minimum of 50 times and that's probably a lowball estimate. It doesn't even county listening to the record of the movie (yes, including dialog) and the movie soundtrack. Started this fascination as a toddler and it still holds. Do I get tired of it? Nope. When I got a deluxe box set a couple of years ago I promptly curled up and watched ALL of it, including hours of extras, in total contentment.