July 10th, 2010

Smiley Dorothy

Getting stuff DONE!

Proud of myself today! Not sure why, and not going to question it, but decided to tackle a bunch of things I've been putting off waaaay to long, whether that's a few days or weeks or months or... years!

1) Scheduled appt. with dietician who will be counseling me on moving to the "Transition" phase of the weight loss program I'm on. Basically, she's going to tell me how to start eating again, what to start with, etc. Glad I called today because I was just able to get an appt. next week, on Friday.

2) Scheduled an appt. at Emory Eye Center to get my eyes checked for the first time in four years. One, because I want to just check my eyes are OK, then to be sure my prescription is right, which I think it is. Another motive is I'm thinking of getting a second pair of glasses and need a current prescription.

3) Called a plumbing co. about fixing my kitchen sink, which has been broken for over a year. Well, the faucet works, but the drain is messed up. Or really the disposal is, i.e. it stopped working a year ago and now has rotted out... so the sink drains onto the floor. And my dishwasher rinses out, again, onto the floor. So that's been broken a month! The main reason I let it just "go" was that with my diet program I don't generate much in the way of dishes. Buuuuut, doing dishes in bathroom sink sucks. And just... well, I'm embarrassed it took me this long to fix.

4) Called company that manages my building's DirectTV. Called AGAIN. My unit's been out since early May. Yeah, so no TV! Unlike some people, this was not a huge deal but yeah, there have been things I've missed. The prob is every time I call this company, either they take forever to realize I'm not an individual client, their computer system is down... or they tell me I have to call from home with the system in front of me. But then, two times when I've called from home, they haven't answered the phone! Which doesn't exactly encourage me to call. Again, could have worked this out within a couple of days if I had been determined but instead I was like "Eh... I'll read and edit and write stories and watch DVDs... forget TV!"