July 18th, 2010


Animal Updates

An update on the little menagerie...


Wish I could show everybody how long Harry is. I mean, lengthwise, he's huge. Altogether, he's not the biggest cat or the heaviest cat -- he's a rather dinky 15-16 lbs., small for a Maine Coon. But when he's lying out, he's like 3 ft. long. And a more contented creature you can't imagine. He's spread out on the windowsill now and it looks like somebody dumped a fur coat. Even in summer, even after brushing and brushing, Harry has ridiculously think fur. You can sink your fingers in to the knuckle, I kid you not!

Luckie, meanwhile, just continues to get nicer and nicer. It all started when I got Harry, this gradual thaw, this friendliness, this liking of Caleb, liking of a few strangers, but now she's almost... snuggly. Like she'll jump up on a kitchen chair while I'm working at the table and put her wet nose on me 'til I pet her. Wants to be petted and petted. The other night she seems to have actually woke me up, around 3 or 4 am, just so I could fondle her. Kept headbutting me and licking my ear, insistent that I reciprocate.

The Piggy

Yeah, so YinYang is still around. She's OLD. I estimate she's 7 now, which for a guinea pig isn't extraordinary (they live way longer than say a hamster or a gerbil) but it's at the top of the lifespan. She eats and whines for food as much as ever, but she spends a lot more time just sitting in one spot, inside her pigloo, and even poops and pees all in one spot. I guess w/o Abbie she has no reason to move! But when she's hungry, jeez, she still screams bloody murder.


Pell is one long-lived budgie. Little did I know she'd ever get this old. She's 9 years old! I got her (and Cal) after 9/11, which as we all know was 2001. She wasn't a baby then, but young, so she's 9 or 10 now. And slowing down? Hell no! She's active and vocal and eats and cackles just like always. Maybe even more. And her #1 favorite activity is messing with the cats. I really NEED to get video of this for YouTube, because people don't believe me until they're visiting and I show them. The bird literally baits the cats, then jumps down to the floor of the cage and laughs at them in birdtalk. She tweaks their noses. And the cats just sit there, nose to nose with Pell through the bars, like they are really friends or something. I mean, if the bars were gone, forget it, but with the bars, it's the perfect relationship, I guess!