July 29th, 2010

harry upside down, harry4

Cat's Logic

I few examples of cat's logic... or at least Harry's logic. (Not sharing Luckie's logic b/c hers is logical and less humorous.)

Cat's Logic

If it comes in a can, it's for me.

It it comes in a plastic bag, it's for me.

If it makes a rattling sound when you pick it up, it's for me.

Is it on a plate? Yeah, it's for me. At least some of it!

If I just try hard enough, the human will give me ALL her food.

If I try hard enough, I WILL catch that pesky light / shadow / reflection on the wall / sofa / ceiling.

If I could just dig a hole in the floor, I'd be able to tunnel to bottom of the cup of milk.

If I paw this bookcase long enough, it will become soft and comfortable.

The Rubbermaid container is full of food -- way more food than is ever in my bowl. I will paw & cry 'til human concedes my point.

One time I found a ball under the piano, so there is always a ball under the piano.

If I jump with all my might, I can catch those magic shiny things on the ceiling. It's 10 ft. up but eventually I will get there.