August 2nd, 2010



I really love my cats. Yes, it's cliche and if you know me, a known fact, but still, worth saying.

Right now Harry is lying on the open shelf of my barrister-style office bookcase, sprawled out with his paw hanging off the edge. He is purely unconscious and trusting. I get the same feeling looking at him that moms get watching their babies sleeping peacefully in their cribs. I feel honored and humbled to have the responsibility and blessing of being this creature's guardian. This animal has been devoted to me since day one and I to him.

Luckie brings out very similar feelings. After nearly five years, whether I'm holding her (which she now allows) or just watching her, I feel inspired to say out loud (and I -do-) "This is a creature that God has made." I'm fairly areligious but when I look at all the little parts that make up this beautiful cat, from her pink nose to her ticked fur, I think it's amazing what the universe has wrought. Even if random, quite amazing! Meanwhile she gazes at me and her world with such intelligence and intuits so much, says so much, that again, I am humbled and honored to have her!