August 11th, 2010

Smiley Dorothy

An Evening of Favorites!

Just back from what I consider a perfect worknight evening -----

Left the office and after a short wait, whisked off Emory campus by a bus, which landed me at a train station and a train, which landed me on 3rd Street, home to my favorite restaurant, Baraonda. Where I had my first restaurant meal since May, served by my favorite Baraonda waiter, the delectable and ever-charming Luca. And dinner was delicious and even, dare I say it, healthy.

This lovely dinner was followed by a very short jaunt up to the Fabulous Fox Theater, my favorite place in the city, where I had scored a free ticket to Singin' in the Rain, one of my favorite movies. The movie was, as usual with Coca-Cola Film Fest shows, preceded by a live sing-along led by the Mighty Mo organ, a black and white news reel, coming attractions, and a hilarious Disney cartoon with Donald Duck plus Chip & Dale. And there's more! Yes, then there was the movie, in glorious technicolor, and so big you could see Gene Kelley's scar, which on a small screen is hidden by his dimple. Ha! The audience broke into applause a half dozen times, cheering on Donald O'Connor, laughing at loud at the jokes, and grinning like schoolkids once it was all over.

Afterward I was all aglow and after a visit to the "ladies lounge," took my energy and had a brisk walk home, about a mile south down Peachtree. To make it extra pefect, there wasn't a single attempt by anyone at bothering or beginning off me. And when I came through the door Chopin was playing on the radio.

But wait... there's more! Then, as I'm sitting here writing, Caleb calls me to update me on our latest trip. We'd agreed this afternoon on going to Germany for Thanksgiving, but now he's worked it into a nice plot of Munich, followed by a train to Verona and flying out of Pisa. Oh my! Taking a train through and under the Alps? Count me in! Also: Italian gothic architecture and lots of seafood.

Savor the day!