August 24th, 2010

Guinea Pigs 2


Before it actually happens, I suppose I should mention that YinYang is dying.

Poor old guinea pig. She was fine until a few months ago, when she started doing the oldster thing of staying in her pigloo or little cabin all the time, pooping in one place, only coming out a few times a day to eat and have some water. Then a couple of days before the DC trip this past weekend, she stopped being interested in food. Since then she's hardly eaten and isn't pooping. She's pretty much sitting in her little piggy hut looking listless. She'll move if I take the roof off or put something out for her, like a leaf of lettuce, although she won't eat it and is a bit unsteady moving about.  Healthwise, she's got a lot of old and/or dying things going on, like being bony, random zits on her back, fur falling out. She's also got goop coming out of one eye, which I keep cleaning up.

At seven years old, she's maxed out, guinea pig lifespanwise, and has had a pampered life, pretty much! So I'm just trying to keep an eye on her, keep her clean and offer her stuff to eat, even if she won't. I expect her to drift off like Abbie did sometime by the end of this week. At which time I'll get Caleb's help to bury her over where Abbie is buried.

There are some good sides to this story, but out of respect for the pig I'll leave off describing those 'til later.