August 26th, 2010

Guinea Pigs 2

YinYang R.I.P. | 2003-2010

Well, the guinea pig adventure is over.

YinYang was clearly dying this morning as I left for an early morning meeting, but I really had to go. Came home to find her gone. One eye was actually shut, a clear sign since in life she never shut them. She was curled up in a corner.

While waiting for Caleb to get home from a work event, I created a little DIY coffin out of a cardboard box and packing tape. Hated having to pick her up and put her in it but I managed. Then I lined it with stuff YinYang liked, including of course hay but also guinea pig pellet food, Vitalkraft treats and bits of fresh veggies like lettuce and celery. It was a dignified little coffin!

Once Caleb was out of work, he called from downstairs, where he and a coworker were waiting for me. We went back to Caleb's so he could change and meanwhile I just processed the whole thing. I felt so sick to my stomach. At the same time I'm relieved, since I think the scourge of flies is going to be over.

But at last Caleb was changed and we went out to the same place we buried Abbie last fall. It's not too far from home, is all I'll say. He did 90% of the digging. At one point a security office from a nearby property came up with a flashlight to ask us what the hell we were doing, but he didn't hassle us. The location isn't public property, it's private, and without a "no trespassing" sign, and with our earnest (and true) story, he had to let us be. At last the hole was deep and wide enough and we set the coffin in, covered it with dirt, bits of debris and some more hay.

Bye, bye, YinYang! The apartment seems really still and quiet -- and that's with Harry running around trying to catch a moth that got in somehow. No more rustling or squeaking. So... odd!

Oh, and on the happy memory side, classic YinYang moment: