August 30th, 2010

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Weekend Ends

It's 2 am but since I'm awake and feeling random enough to be reading Wikipedia entries like "Fictional characters from Wisconsin," I guess I'm feeling random enough to post a few things.

Low-key weekend, but then, what's new? Friday night Caleb came over with Phoebe (his teeny tiny cat) for a while and meanwhile I disassembled the guinea pig cage. This hasn't stopped me from continually looking over to where it was the past 6-7 years and expecting there to be guinea pigs, but that'll come in time, I guess.

Saturday the only thing I remember doing is going grocery shopping. The rest is a fog of NYT crossword puzzles, DeviantArt, and doing laundry. And a nice long nap.

Today (OK, technically yesterday) was one of those days I spent a lot of time sleeping. First off I fell asleep Saturday night still dressed in my day clothes, all the lights on. Woke up sometime in the middle of the night, said "Eh, what?" and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 8. Had breakfast and did a few things but of course this didn't last and from 10-12 I was asleep again. Fortunately I managed to pry myself away from the bed long enough to get the main room cleaned and also redo my whole pet supplies area, which I can now scale back.

Anyway, I guess my main fun today was going out to a coffeehouse to take care of proofing my bits from Paragenesis, the upcoming Wraeththu anthology. I'd printed it out but I knew if I read it here at home, I'd slack off yet more. So I took the bus up to this place Octane, which a lot of techie geeks love but which for some reason I don't frequent too often. It turned out great -- got great French-pressed coffee (enough for 2 huge cups) for $2.50, got my stuff proofed, then composed a long email to Storm will all the edits. Music was good, place was full but not too loud or full of obnoxious folks, so yay. The only bummer was that when closing time came around at 10, I realized the bus I'd come over on stops running at 9. I had to finagle another bus, since walking home, even adventurous as I am, just didn't seem like a good plan. (1 1/2 mi. down Marietta St. after dark by myself with an expensive laptop? Um, no.)

The coffee has got me wired and restless, which normally doesn't happen. It helped me get some web site client work done, but now it's just keeping me UP. I suspect I might be a bit zombie-like at work tomorrow. I'll have to come up with every tedious, mindless task on my to do list, which will allow me to get stuff done but not have to be massively creative.