August 31st, 2010

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Bad (Good) Crossword Puns

Just finished another book of NY Times Sunday crosswords and think I will do what I keep meaning to do and post some of the baaaaaaaaaaad (aka really good) puns found in them.

NYT Crossword Puns

Format is: clue --> SOLUTION.

Be prepared to groan!

IRS Target in Calif. --> LA TAX DODGER

Stones' Request of their acct. --> GIMME TAX SHELTER

Mideast exam administrators --> CAIRO PROCTORS

Bromo salesman --> RELIEF PITCHER

(Groaning yet?)

How a breakfaster views himself --> EGGSISTENTIALLY

"You don't have to cool all night" --> GO AHEAD BAKE BY DAY

Food for thought? --> BRAIN MUFFIN

What one used to do in Kremin heat? --> BAKE IN THE USSR

Mother a pasty vassal? --> BRING UP A STICKY SUBJECT

(C'mon, I know you groaned!)

Break a tie in a shocking way? --> CAST THE DECIDING VOLT

Shocking 1980 movie sequel? --> THE AMPERE STRIKES BACK

Study on anthropoid regimentation? --> A CLOCKWORK ORANG

Take the algae out for a stroll? --> WALK THE PLANKTON


I think the puns are probably one big reason NY Times puzzles are SO much better than all others. They are puns and they are uber-geeky puns. (I mean, The Ampere Strikes Back? Really? Geeky? Much?)