September 6th, 2010

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As I Walk Home..

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“Well, Dragon*Con is over, at least for me. Think I've seen and done everything I'm going to do.

I've had a very, very good time this year. I missed my friend Kristina, who couldn't visit this year as she usually does... BUT I had lots of good shopping and good experiences and fun parties. And I wore some nice outfits and looked good. My shopping -- I got a corset and DVDs and jewelry and Tribbles and a skirt and I don't remember what else!

But it was great and I just feel very happy and I think I'm going to take a nap and then pay my bills for this month, well, last month, so then I'll have done one responsible thing this weekend -- because the rest has just been self-indulgent partying. Ah, another year, another Dragon*Con.”

Transcribed by: wiebke
Yellow Wendy

What I Got at Dragon*Con

As I clean up my main room of Dragon*Con debris -- wigs, makeup, programs, costumery, shopping bags -- I think I'll catalog all the fun stuff I bought. And there was a lot. Combo of not spending much on anything but food since May, plus feeling more financially comfortable, led to a spree. But lookie, it's nice stuff!


Gorgeous, well-made, perfectly fitted black underbust corset from Timeless Trends. These guys & gals are great!

Long Skirt
Amazing 40 in. 5 tier skirt -- black with gold pattern print. From India via Magical Fashions. Lovely!

Geek-Out T-Shirt
Funny T-shirt by Sigh Co. - "Danger: May Geek Out Without Warning."


Raggedy Hair Extensions
Not sure what these are called, but they're the shredded ribbon extensions you can put in your steampunk/fairy/punk pigtails. These are not for me but for a friend well known for wearing such the past 30 yrs. Sending as a gift. (Shhh!)

Bug Earrings
Earrings made from real june bugs -- yep, big beetles encased in plastic resin. There were also spiders but I liked the beetles more.

Beetle Wing Earrings
Earrings modeled on green, iridescent beetle wings. 3 wings per earring.


2 full-size touch/sound activated Tribbles like these. No idea what happened to the one I had so I got another. Cats are terrified and I'm amused. These replace the guinea pigs?

Toy Amoeba
Caved to desire for toy stuffed microbe -- got a fuzzy orange amoeba.


Mr. T Cartoon
Um, odd as it sounds, this was one of my FAV Saturday morning cartoons! 2 DVD set with 9 episodes + ads. From On The Run Video.

Body Marker
Special makeup for applying black lines to your skin, like for designs or patterns or even eyeliner.

"Technology Wants Your Soul" bumper stick type thing. For work, of course!

Henna Work
Awesome henna work on my left hand -- wrist band, back of hand and fingers. By Wendy Feldmann, aka Wendy Mehndi.

Suppose I should count the goodies in my belly, including lots of sushi (Yami Yami at Peachtree Center food court), caffeinated diet sodas, iced coffees, a couple peanut butter cookies, yogurt parfaits, etc. I did well sticking to my diet and in cases I didn't, I burned like 800-900 calories A DAY walking and waiting in lines, so all was good.