September 9th, 2010

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Quick Good News

Well, got good news! As of today I've officially lost 40 lbs. (Or about 18 kg or about 3 stone.) This is under 4 months. I am really feeling good about this and proud of myself. However, credit really goes toward the program I was in and the good info & encouragement they gave me. If I didn't like or trust them, I wouldn't have worked so hard. But I've done really well and now, even when the program is "over," I'm keeping motivated, on track, and losing weight. I still diary all my food and attend a weekly group mtg. -- tonight was my first one.

...And before I sound like an infomercial, looking forward to reaching 200 lbs., a milestone weight, at which point I've promised myself a drastic haircut, rad dye job and a nice high-grav. beer. Yum!