October 6th, 2010

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Writer's Block: Little monsters

If you could create a monster movie, what kind of monster would it be, and what would be the underlying moral of the story?

The "monster" would be Earth, rearing up from millions of years of oppression and toppling mankind. With the help of sidekicks the rest of the worlds' animals, plants and other natural systems. It would be the ultimate disaster movie and very satisfying, in my opinion!

Writer's Block: Personality goes a long way

Have you ever been the target of cyber-bullying? What was your reaction?

It's funny but the only cyber-bullying I've ever really experienced was at the hands of a gang of leftist lesbians who accused me of being homophobic, racist and ethnocentric... and proceeded to threaten me, contact people I know to dis me, and otherwise heckle me. It was a total blugeoning, which happily I recovered from because it was too obvious they were seriously misguided and over-reactive. This was all based on one completely innocent remark meant (and reading -as-) complimentary. Nobody else has ever done that to me online! Met some crazy people, combative people, people have blocked me from their LJs and whatnot, but those weren't exactly attacks.