December 9th, 2010

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Tips for Staying Warm: Pay Attention Atlantans

Ever before I read this article in the NYT, I've been once again struck by the sad fact that a large portion of the population here in Atlanta seemingly does not know how to dress for cold weather -- or do know but are unwilling to break fashion by doing something like, oh, zipping their hoodies. Temps have been in the 20s for a few days, colder with wind chill, and everywhere I turn, I see people shivering and bitching.

I almost want to act like their mom and come up to remind them to wear their mittens! But that would be rude.

So here, for no one's benefit since offenders won't read this, is a list of tips for the warm-dressing-challenged:

  1. A hoodie is not a coat and an unzipped hoodie is an even poorer substitute for a coat.
  2. Wearing two hoodies on top of one another might sort of be a coat but not if neither is zipped up.
  3. Sweatpants, leggings, and/or spandex are really not meant for winter.
  4. Open-toe shoes in below freezing temps? No.
  5. Earmuffs* without a hat is like a strapless bra without a dress. Why?
  6. Wrapping your toddler in a snowsuit and a coat, then covering him with a blanket and the whole stroller with another blanket just might be overkill.
  7. Standing stock still at a bus stop actually makes you colder (unless the bus shelter is actually blocking the wind, which few do). Walk around.
* which I have never felt worked at all anyway and are for 8-year-olds, not grown people I see wearing them.

Sorry, marchenland , I just couldn't help myself from posting this. Do notice that I didn't go after all Southerners this time, just fools in Atlanta.