December 12th, 2010


The XMas Dress!

A friend of mine was having a "naughty Xmas party" tonight, with a note about door press for festive costume, so... I made a XMas tree dress out of one of Granny Racicot's dresses. With safety pins, Mardi Gras beads, strobing bracelets, etc. Oh, and little bitty presents around the hem! Here are pics of me, all taken after the party, where I did in fact win the door prize! :)

geek, obamame_geek

Russian Potato Bread

Made Russian potato bread tonight. Seems to have come out. Now I have something to go with big pot of spinach lentil soup I made this afternoon. I am set!

Recipe came from a Jewish baking book I have. I picked the recipe out because it seemed to require less time than most bread recipes and because it wasn't rye. I love rye but I didn't have any rye flour in the house.