December 24th, 2010

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Headed North

Going up to Sturbridge 'til New Year's. Got my placed tidied up, finally packed up, cats provided for 'til Tues. or Wed. when Caleb gets back in town. As usual, stayed up late but probably will doze off on the plane, as usual.

Had a really nice day today. Emory employees get today as a holiday, so today was like a weekend day, only without the looming threat of work on Monday. Ran some errands in the morning, then had a huge Dunkin Donuts coffee & bagel. Then I went up to Atlantic Station, where I went on a spree at IKEA, getting a couple duvet covers (Caleb got me a down comforter for XMas!), hangers, some recycling sorters. I also went up to Dillards to pick up some things my mom asked me to get for her. Back home again, I alternated between internetting and cleaning and doing laundry. It was a good day and I felt sort of giddy throughout.

Now it's time for bed. Setting two alarms, as usual, to make sure I get up.