December 31st, 2010

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Happy New Year's Eve Day

Had a very nice last day of the year.

Slept nice and late (10), then after breakfast, headed out with Mom and Dad for an outing to Deerfield. This is home to Yankee Candle, and not just any store but the giant mega flagship store, which is kind of like a village / department store. There was a whole Bavarian Christmas market in there, I swear! I bought a bunch of little things, like Christmas ornaments, bulk licorice and incense. Mom got a bag of awesome caramel corn.

After this we had a nice long drive down Route 9, which I'm rather fond of, as it represents happy college memories. We went through towns like Ware and Belchertown, including a pass through the Quabin Reservoir, which I'd somehow never visited before. Very scenic! Then we went through Hadley and Amherst (though I didn't see UMass, not on Rte. 9), where I saw a lot of landmarks I remembered.

Quabbin Reservoir

We continued on to the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield. This is a fabulous restaurant made up of various 18th & 19th century barns and houses. It's all Colonial inside and outside is a farm where they have their own cattle for the meat, chickens, etc. Food was great! I had the kind of broiled scallops that melt in your mouth. Also a good beer from New Hampshire.

Mom at dinner

On the way back to Sturbridge we got some chips & soda from the giant liquor store in town (wow! biggest EVER!) so we'd be set for New Year's Eve. At home we watched a bit of House, then Hope & Glory, which I got on DVD for Christmas. Still love that movie. My parents didn't seem into it, but I can't really count Dad, who slept through most of it.

Now we've just polished off the chips & dip (made by me and yummy!) and are trying to find something on TV that's not insufferable.