January 29th, 2011

Yellow Wendy

A Perfect Day

Today I had what I consider to be a pretty near perfect day and even thought it's tempting fate to record it, I feel I must.

Slept in and when I woke up at 8:30 in my nice warm bed.

Per daily routine, had a nice long snuggle with Harry while I caught up with news, posts, etc. on my iPad. After that, got up and listened to NPR for a couple of hours while meanwhile updating my Art Deco architecture blog.

Just before 11, got a call from Caleb and so we met up at the new Cafe Intermezzo, which opened around the corner from us, right in our neighborhood, and is wonderful. He and I both had good, strong coffee. For breakfast I had crepe Suzette, which I had never had but which was oh, so yummy.

After a long breakfast of chatting and having about four waiters -- they are just open and have way more staff than customers -- we went for a short walk to look at some streetscape work, new sidewalks and such. For the first time in a long time the sun was out and it seemed like it was about 60 degrees out.

Finally we went up to Caleb's, where his cats Sophie & Phoebe were thrilled to be able to go outside. We let them and then Caleb popped in Caligula, which he's watched last night with a friend, and we watched a couple of clips, including the very, very naughty boat-bordello scene. That was so gratuitous and pointless and yet, oddly, I liked it. Ha. I like Satyricon, so what can I say?

On the way back to my place, I took a few snapshots. My phone was dead* for 2-3 weeks and I hadn't been able to take any photo pics so I'm playing catch-up.

Shadows in front of the Rialto Center

Just as I got to my block, I said hi to Al, my buddy who works at the black mensware shop downstairs. He and I talk all the time. A more immaculately dressed man I've never met. So we hugged and he called me "Boo" and told me to take care.

Al unloading some new suits off a van

Back at my place, I spent a comfy couple of hours working on the Art Deco blog and listening to "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me," which I'd missed since it aired while I was at breakfast. Leisure time!

Finally around 3, I got my butt in gear and caught a bus so I could do some shopping. Things worked out great!

I went to Hop City, a fabulous beer & wine place with a huge selection of foreign beers, ales, etc. They even have mead, which is what I got. I also got chocolate stout and cider. All three were single bottles so they fit right into my bag, quite conveniently.

Next up I went to Toscana & Sons, the Italian market I always want to go to but which is always closed when I come by because they close at 4 on Saturday. For once I was there before closing! So I popped and scooped up a little pile of Italian goodies, including two more varieties of Leone pastilles, dark chocolate, a tube of anchovy paste and what looks like some kind of Italian spaetzel. I also got a couple of amaretto cookies for immediate gratification.

I was on a roll then, so I went into Whipstitch, this fabulous new fabric & sewing shop. It's not your granny's sewing shop! So many fun fabrics, all kinds of accessories, and a classroom in the back where they do sewing classes. I went in and was surprised to find just the fabric I was looking for, plus some very handy pins for quilting. It was cheap, too!

My luck continued, as the bus pulled up shortly afterward and I was whisked off home again. Overall my trip had only taken an hour and a half, which is how it should be. Too often I go to make a simple bus trip and I spend more time waiting for the bus than I do actually doing something!

At home I relaxed for a bit and then got to work on on my sewing project. Basically I've been wanting to fix my favorite winter coat. A couple of years ago I accidentally wrecked it by leaving it on my stove, which burned a big hole in the shoulder. (Note: Synthetic fabrics don't tolerate stoves well.) For the past two years I haven't worn, just bothered me so much that it had a hole, it but finally a couple of weeks ago, because it was so damned cold, I finally did.

Some of my sewing supplies

Anyway, at the fabric store I got a 1/2 yard of heavy blood red velvet to make a patch with. Originally I was going to make the patch shaped like a big bloody gash and also sew on some dripping blood (I'm serious!) but when I started to look at the whole, I decided a crescent shape would look better. Plus even though I like getting stared at, the big bloody shoulder wound was a bit much. So I made a paper form, cut the fabric and then, with my very primitive sewing skills, managed to sew the thing on. I sewed around it twice to make it extra secure. And I was so proud of myself!

It looks better in real life, I promise

I've been at home since then, doing various things, including having a nice tasty dinner. One of my favorite things pasta with clams, garlic and capers, and I made that tonight. Simple and always good! I also had half a bottle of the new cider I bought and it was outstanding. So smooth! And I watched a great, classic movie, Umberto D., by De Sica. It was a lot like The Bicycle Thieves, only slightly less depressing. Harry slept upside down on the couch, tongue hanging out, while I watched the move. Too cute!

So that's what I call a perfect day.

* Which I still haven't written about here. Ack!