February 14th, 2011

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  • Sun, 14:30: RT @ebertchicago: This year, Justice Thomas and I will both mark five years of complete silence. http://nyti.ms/hMollA
  • Sun, 14:32: As expected, find myself having trouble staying awake today. Had a long nap. Really, really need to clean the apartment. But... Yawn!
  • Sun, 15:04: Having what I call a depression attack. Bed is the only real place for me.
  • Sun, 18:51: Question that annoys me no end: "Why are you depressed?" To me it's like asking an epileptic why they had a seizure. Sorry, lollypop no fix.
  • Sun, 19:25: My response to Grammys: Watching old Bjork videos on VHS. Next, probably Siouxsie or Einsturzende Neubaten.
  • Sun, 19:49: Just made 1st attempt to brush Luckie's crappy teeth, which I'm supposed to do. Barely started and already got her bleeding. Feel bad :(
  • Sun, 20:43: Feel like it's 4 am. Still very depressed, tho I did clear kitchen counters. Should do a lot more but have no spirit for it.
  • Sun, 22:13: "Life sucks. Do Me. Life Sucks. Do Me. Life Sucks. Do Me. Do me do." -Tit Wrench (fav band in college) Yeah, that sums it up.
  • Sun, 23:00: It finally happened: One of my accts. got hacked & suspended bc I was running like WordPress 2 on it. Has to be manually upgraded, alas.
  • Sun, 23:12: These are the worst "best" ever! Except Adam Lambert - he looks tops. RT @HuffingtonPost Grammys' best-dressed http://huff.to/gz2Ek3
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