February 24th, 2011

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  • Wed, 12:30: Apparently I am too opinionated. And that's all I'll say about that publicly.
  • Wed, 14:54: It figures this DOMA thing happens and I'm too caught in work and class to read all about it. Today has been crazy!
  • Wed, 16:08: Day 2 of CMS tech training has been ho-hum -- morning was programming over my head, afternoon admin work I will never have to do.
  • Wed, 22:46: This week's been intense and I now think I'm getting stress-sick again. Tummy not happy. Two more workdays of worky work!
  • Thu, 11:49: Won't be hearing from me today. Too d*mned busy and stressed out. Listening to Beethoven really loud. Hope I don't turn into Alex DeLarge.