March 4th, 2011

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  • Thu, 12:40: Like anyone I really don't like when my part in a project is taken for granted, like I'm a light switch or a mail box -- the last step.
  • Thu, 13:07: Had copies of Emory Magazine to hand out to event audience. Newt Gingrich, Emory alum, was on the cover. Ppl had skittish reactions.
  • Thu, 14:22: Coworker who borrowed my iPad overlong now gets my thanks for showing me having 10-12 web apps open was draining bat life. D'oh!
  • Thu, 14:23: Wish I was scheduled to work from home tomorrow. I am really not in a people mood.
  • Thu, 14:46: Just asked my boss if I could work at home tomorrow. No reason to sit here and moan about it, stew over it. Taking action! Fingers crossed.
  • Thu, 14:49: Just tweeted for work about "transcriptional mutagenesis." Watch for a new trending topic on Twitter! #transcriptionalmutagenesis jk
  • Thu, 14:54: Yay, OK'd to work at home tomorrow. My mood is improving already...
  • Thu, 14:57: Even better mood booster: Switch to Pandora punk station and "I Wanna Be a Homosexual" came up as first play. Yes! #punk #rockon
  • Thu, 15:10: This punk station is really doing it for me this afternoon. Just now: "Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend." LOL... I love punk angst.
  • Thu, 16:29: Looks like I'll be going to LA come July. Vacation, not conference. Never been to CA (or west of Mississippi, except for Canadian Rockies).
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