March 13th, 2011

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  • Sat, 13:21: Loving this parade as usual! RT @AtlantaDNA: Stormtroopers in annual @DowntownAtlanta @StPatsParadeATL ;-)
  • Sat, 13:23: Based on this parade I clearly need to move to Baltimore and join a black precision marching group. I love those ladies!
  • Sat, 13:59: St. Patrick's Day Parade had HUGE line-up of police & fire vehicles with sirens: My #Qik video Parade Sirens
  • Sat, 14:15: Scored even more St. Patrick's Mardi Gras beads. What an odd convergence!
  • Sat, 17:14: Waiting for the 1 along with least intelligible street person I've ever encountered. His words are like Aaaaauiiigh and Frargrrrrg. Okay...
  • Sat, 18:48: Hop City run: 2 Belgian lambics, 1 Ommegang abbey ale, 4-pack Kolsch, mixed 6-pack of beers & ciders. I love that place.
  • Sat, 18:57: RT @eikichi_onizuka: Attn #MARTA ride customers: Brookhaven's parking lot is on fire. Expect delays as we will be single tracking there ...
  • Sat, 20:36: RT @tokyoreporter: Google releases first satellite images of Japan after quake -
  • Sat, 20:41: Watching 'Story of the Weeping Camel.' Beautifully made docu-drama about yurt-dwellers and their livestock in the Gobi Desert.
  • Sat, 22:19: Planning a #MARTA ride Sunday morning & need to buy/load Breeze card? Due to software upgrade, cash only. #Atlanta
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