March 17th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Roamin'

If you were going on a week-long vacation to a tropical paradise and could only take five items, what would you bring?

A long book, a camera, mosquito netting, bug spray and, hmmm, more bug spray? Or maybe iodine tablets for the water. Sorry, love to read about the tropics but never want to go. Beaches, humidity, tropical insects, parasites, etc. are not my thing. I like cold places. The nicest warm places I've been to are Charlston and New Orleans and I don't think they're considered tropical paradises. The warmest ocean I've ever swam in is the North Sea. (Bathtub!) Anyway, this is what happens when you ask me those silly "desert island" questions.
sideview, obamame_sideview

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