March 24th, 2011

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  • Wed, 13:30: RT @AtlantaDNA: Concerned about new Falcons stadium? @gwcc_atl & Councilman Young will host town hall meeting on Tuesday, March 29, 6pm ...
  • Wed, 15:00: Just got a headshot to post with a press release and had to laugh (inside). Guy looks like Radar O'Reilly + George Constanza hybrid.
  • Wed, 17:35: Managed to lower my anxiety a bit with a walk around Lullwater Park. Been so anxious lately for seemingly no reason. Fresh air was good.
  • Wed, 17:40: So who else got email from NYT offering free subscription through 2011 sponsored by Lincoln? As user of 10+ yrs, I said OK, sure.
  • Wed, 18:00: Folks, don't delay. RT @charlesedwards1 We need 225 pledges by 7pm in order to earn an extra $25K for WABE. 678-553-9090 or
  • Wed, 18:17: Photo: The Eye by Wendy Darling I came across this on a trail in Lullwater Park, on the campus of Emory...
  • Wed, 18:20: Think tonight is going to be a Mac McGee night. In desperate need of comfort food. Will go with cider rather than beer though.
  • Wed, 18:57: RT @charlesedwards1: We're down to the wire! 37 pledges to before 7pm. If we reach our goal it means an extra $25,000 for WABE programmi ...
  • Thu, 00:09: I have no idea how so many ppl type so much on iPhones. I've had an iPad since summer and still struggle. On screen keyboards suck!
  • Thu, 00:10: RT @MoveOn: Women can now see an OB-GYN without needing a referral -- thanks to health care reform. #HCR #hcworks
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