March 28th, 2011

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  • Sun, 11:24: After swearing I wasn't going to read this weekend, stayed up all night and through this morning finishing last of 4-part series. Now: bed.
  • Sun, 11:25: Now that I've read about 2500 pages of hardcare epic fantasy in 2 weeks, I think my next read should be Lyle the Crocodile. Ow, my head.
  • Sun, 13:32: Woke up from post-book nap pleased I hadn't slept all that long, only a couple of hours. Now I will face long-delayed housecleaning.
  • Mon, 00:32: RT @RagingBurrito: Raging Burrito is hiring servers with 2 plus years of solid serving experience in a very high volume restaurant.... h ...
  • Mon, 00:34: My cat Harry sleeps on top of the birdcage every night.