April 6th, 2011

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  • Wed, 10:29: On page 21 of 368 of Swordspoint, by Ellen Kushner: Originally read this 8-9 years ago. I w... http://goodreads.com/user_status/show/5693900
  • Wed, 10:32: I hate people who neglect to interact with me on larger issues but will email any time a comma is misplaced on their own bio.
  • Wed, 10:33: I'm going to try and read something like 10 books this month. OK, maybe 7. By next month I should be wanting to write again.
  • Wed, 10:36: Had this Morrissey album Swords for at least a year but never could into it 'til two days ago. Suddenly it clicked.
  • Wed, 10:41: "Don't make fun of Daddy's voice / Because he can't help it / When he was a teenage boy / Something got stuck in his throat." -Morrissey
  • Wed, 11:03: RT @kevworks: hey @KasimReed, I could understand if a tree fell in a forest and no one was around, but we totally heard this one. #getitup
  • Wed, 11:42: I sort polyester/cotton RT @lifehacker Resist the instinct to sort your laundry by color and sort it by fabric instead: http://t.co/1tQoCFG
  • Wed, 11:43: Updating Emory doctor profiles on the Emory-Grady web site and as usual I am struck by these docs' dedication to helping people.
  • Wed, 13:59: On page 54 of 368 of Swordspoint, by Ellen Kushner: Enjoying it more than I did on my first... http://goodreads.com/user_status/show/5696618
  • Wed, 15:28: Finished up latest round of updates to Emory-Grady web site. So much to share & w/ Grady in the spotlight of late, want to give it our best.
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