April 14th, 2011

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  • Wed, 17:48: Was upstairs shooting video of the giant Byzantine mosaic - into an art scholar & wife, come to see it! Had art talk.
  • Wed, 17:49: D'oh! I just now realized I should've taped video of the art scholar! LOL. Then emailed him consent form. Could find Emory art person tho...
  • Wed, 18:21: @TransLoc The past three days, from 6-6:45 both CCTMA buses are off campus, going TO Decatur. Who can I send feedback to on this?
  • Wed, 19:12: RT @theGAVoice: We're at @OutwriteAtlanta for the APD #lgbt Liaison meet and greet until 8:30pm with Officers Sharp & Powell. #atl
  • Wed, 19:27: At Mac McGee's. As usual I eat my chips with 1/2 cup of HP Sauce.
  • Wed, 19:37: Young's Choco Stout. One of my favs. http://twitpic.com/4kitx9 #beer
  • Wed, 19:39: RT @grobertson: Move labor; expensive. Not killing your friends and trading pizza and beer for kinetic energy? Worth it.
  • Wed, 19:43: Left my rich-ass hometown for college 18 yrs. ago and only just now recovering from the shock. My family wasn't rich-ass but world was.
  • Wed, 19:45: For years, def. In MA, I wouldn't say where I was from bc ppl would assume from it I'd been a stuck-up elitist asshole. (I'm so not!)
  • Wed, 21:45: On page 53 of 368 of The Diary of a Madman, Th..., by Nikolai Gogol: Most frustrating thing... http://goodreads.com/user_status/show/5802818
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