April 16th, 2011

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  • Fri, 12:22: Bwahaah. RT @CleanAirGA Which cars are the least fuel efficient? @mothernaturenet shares the 12 worst http://ow.ly/4B7w4 #cars
  • Fri, 13:31: RT @NiemanLab: Wired for iPad is free this month and the issue just dropped in iTunes http://nie.mn/fmy5vZ
  • Fri, 13:32: So tired today. This morning's odyssey with the post office and bad transportation has no doubt contributed.
  • Fri, 14:52: Facing a really really stupid graphic problem. I feel like I'm in 1996. Hate spending an hour on a 6k graphic. Gack!
  • Fri, 14:55: Can I just say, listening to Deval Patrick on Daily Show is further pushing me to want to move back to Mass. even more than usual. Sigh.
  • Fri, 15:01: Figured out the issue. Who would've thought a gray background would bleed through a GIF and turn the letters gray?
  • Fri, 16:02: Even though I wouldn't use it myself, I like this Tumblr skin a lot. Reminds of computer I took to college. http://lizmerp.tumblr.com/
  • Fri, 16:11: Caleb just provided solution to MA travel dilemma: I will take train UP and fly BACK. That way I only "waste" 1 day. Same price as flying.
  • Fri, 16:21: True: I didn't "get" that my grandma (only living grandparent) WAS my grandma 'til I was 6 bc we called her "Oma" (German 4 grandma). D'oh!
  • Fri, 16:50: Going to be part of the Downtown Spring Cleanup tomorrow morning. Heck knows there's enough crap to pick up. Hope it's not tooo wet!
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Perfect Day

Had the most perfect day and just making a note of it for future reference :)

Woke up early so I could make it to the Downtown clean-up event. Had good breakfast and NPR before heading off. At sign-up, I ran into a work group made up all of neighbors I already knew so I went off with them. Our assignment was to put in some flowers on the south side of Five Points Station. We started off by cleaning up some tree planters on Broad Street Plaza, then we went south and weeded the planters. Once the flowers arrived, we popped them all in. We were done early but lingered around chatting for a bit.

After that I went to CVS for my usual run of milk, cereal, and other miscellany, then came home and caught most of "Wait, Wait!" on NPR. There was a BBQ thing for cleanup volunteers at noon but instead I went and worked on a crossword until I rolled over for a nice nap.

I woke up and the phone was ringing. Just missed him but it was Caleb. Called and he said he was just going to the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park. Did I want to go? Now, I am no Dogwood Festival fan -- crowds, lots of rather mediocre art, too much sun --  but knowing Caleb feels the same, I said yes, knowing we wouldn't really go to the festival for long. So off we went, off on the 110.

First there was a side trip, up to Caleb's office, where he had to drop some things off and take care of some tasks, after being away all week in the Bahamas on business. I wandered around the offices as usual. Once that was wrapped up, we went to a scenic walk through Ansley Park, including Yonah Park, a really pretty park in the middle of it. I took a bunch of pictures of the wonderful houses in the neighborhood.

Then we got to Piedmont. After seeing only a very small part of the Dogwood Festival, Caleb decided he'd rather check out the newly opened portion of the park, which his firm designed. It was fantastic! There's an awesome fountain, a whole bunch of bridges, interesting stairs, raised walkways, two dog parks, wetlands, and this cool rock waterfall feature. Plus is wasn't crowded because people don't know about it yet and/or were at the festival.

We got out of that part of the park and walked to 10th Street, where we talked about dinner. We decided on takeout from Baraonda, so we walked all the way to Peachtree and then down to 3rd Street. (I don't know exactly but I think we must've walked around 4 miles during this all?) We got to Baroanda and picked up our food, which was slightly not what we ordered but still good, of course, because they don't make bad food of any kind there!

The bus arrived right after and we took it home, where I grabbed Life Is Beautiful from home before we went to Caleb's to eat. Good pizza, mushroom tagliatelli & red wine for dinner -- with an Italian movie. Which was very beautiful. Bravo, Roberto Benigni!

To close up the day, we took the 16 up to Virginia-Highland for gelato at Paulo's -- what I've come to think of a as a "Paolo's run." He got mint and I got pistachio. Yum! Ate that up while waiting on the bus to come back, then did some window shopping. A blue singer was on the corner and I gave him change for "A Change Gonna Come." Then these Italian businessmen were behind us talking and Caleb started translated. We had such an Italian day!

Then the bus came and I was so happy to have spent the day out with Caleb. We're going to breakfast tomorrow but I have to spend the rest of the day cleaning and doing other things not so fun as today's.