April 25th, 2011

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  • Sun, 16:09: Been over Caleb's a couple hours. Took a nap, once cats stopped caterwauling. Harry bewildered yet comfy here. Time to go.
  • Sun, 23:25: Today was depressing. Realized I went whole weekend totally alone. No hanging out, no phone calls, nothing.
  • Mon, 07:15: Real life Kafka drama... RT @AlterNet WikiLeaks: Shocking Revelations in Guantanamo Files: http://is.gd/EGxjXi
  • Mon, 08:03: Slept horribly last night. Kept waking up in a sweat. I blame naps and anxiety. Ugh.
  • Mon, 08:04: NPR just summed up Gitmo story as ppl released going to arms. My take was more innocent people in prison. I guess I am soft.
  • Mon, 10:03: If I don't work really hard against it, today is going to be a day of depression and headaches. *grits teeth*
  • Mon, 10:12: RT @nathanielg: @wcdarling any time I feel alone, I take comfort knowing that I have Internet stalkers. At least someone cares, right?
  • Mon, 10:40: RT @dyanabagby: RT @theGAVoice BREAKING: King & Spalding announces it will not defend DOMA http://bit.ly/eEtDLp #lgbt
  • Mon, 11:47: @brockbrown Not really. Didn't sleep well, woke up bummed out. There's no reason for it. May go for walk in woods nearby, may help.
  • Mon, 11:49: I posit that the more literate you are, the harder it is to figure out Captcha codes. Had to refresh 10x to verify humanness to NYT.
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