May 2nd, 2011

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  • Sun, 17:34: Went to Cafe Contesa with Caleb, talked over personal problems & worries. Got myself all upset. Now I'm home alone, living a Morrissey song.
  • Sun, 17:46: Adding to a pile of worries: Need to get a new phone, as mine doesn't ring when ppl call, or doesn't let me answer. Piece of crap.
  • Sun, 17:47: My phone, a Moto Cliq droid, was A-OK until last Dec. when it had power issues. Replaced 4 (!) times, still doesn't work right. Cursed.
  • Sun, 17:54: Need help, ppl: Prices on T-Mobile smartphones seem way down, need to replace. Want #droid #smartphone with physical keyboard. Recs?
  • Sun, 18:06: Hmm, T-Mobile Comet is looking good (tho no physical keyboard) and would be free upgrade. But website won't show customer reviews.
  • Sun, 18:16: Thank you, CNET, I almost forgot you existed but your product reviews (eds + users) are great. Now looking at Cliq 2. Would have Froyo.
  • Sun, 18:40: Getting close to finding right phone. Finding cheapest option w/contract, w/ best reviews (CNET). May have to go w/onscreen keyboard tho.
  • Sun, 19:02: My new phone, just ordered --> LG Optimus T. Will have Android 2.2 (current has 1.x), tethering. End cost to me, $90.
  • Sun, 21:29: Back from running up and down the hallway - for Harry's amusement. He was trying to catch my shadow. Yes, he is that gullible.
  • Sun, 22:35: I actually brought pix of LB to my hairdresser so he could reproduce for me. RT @DIESELPUNKS Photos of Louise Brooks
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