May 11th, 2011

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  • Tue, 12:23: Ppl assuming I need car, spouse to live complete life. @msnbc_health What's your biggest pet peeve?
  • Tue, 12:23: RT @emoryhealthsci: May 14-15: 150+ bicycle riders will join 2-day AIDS Vaccine 200 (#av200) ride to benefit AIDS research @EmoryUnivers ...
  • Tue, 12:23: RT @emoryhealthsci: New study @ Emory: Gut may need bacteria to provide a little bit of oxidative stress to stay healthy. ...
  • Tue, 12:25: Voicemail from Caleb: "I'm making trashy Chinese food tonight if you wanna come over." Taking him up on that. It'll be fine, I'm sure.
  • Tue, 12:31: Video (or animated slideshow with audio) I produced for Emory about 30th anniversary of first diagnosed case of AIDS.
  • Tue, 12:43: Thing I didn't want know for today --> "Doctors call embedding a severe type of self-harm" #ickickick
  • Tue, 12:44: @ericaendicott Your EH magazine looks awesome, FYI. Just marked about 20 items I'll be sharing, tweets, linking to in future for HS.
  • Tue, 13:41: Due to system upgrade, can't use credit cards at Emory dining this week. So hoofing it to Emory Village for lunch. Owe EV a visit anyway.
  • Tue, 14:42: Today was not the day to wear velveteen pants and/or walk across campus. Blech. At least I my top is sleeveless! 90? In May? Ew!
  • Tue, 15:38: It takes a long time to schedule promo tweets & FB posts for every article & video in the new Emory Health magazine. Good material tho!
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