May 16th, 2011

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  • Sun, 14:52: RT @GeorgeTakei: "Birthers" quiet but "Deathers" say Bin Laden still alive. Next: "Undeathers" who claim Bin Laden is an undocumented, ...
  • Sun, 14:53: RT @mariasaporta: While only some of us use transit, all of us NEED transit
  • Sun, 14:56: Mysterious ' Energy Potion ' I drank this morning feels like it shredded my throat. Cough. Got in prize pack last night.
  • Sun, 19:46: RT @brockbrown: Quitting starts in the mind. You give up mentally before you do physically. Don't listen to the negative chatter in your ...
  • Sun, 19:50: Awake (if not 'up') after four-hour nap. Being social takes it out of me, I guess.
  • Sun, 19:50: Meanwhile dreamed I had decided to move to Alabama for grad school. That's a new one.
  • Sun, 20:40: Somebody has stolen my energy. Feel completely hammered. Yet I did no drinking this weekend at all, I swear.
  • Mon, 06:51: RT @AtlantaDNA: New proposal from Portman Commission. Note that Harris St. would still be renamed, but do plaques make up for it? http:/ ...
  • Mon, 08:02: RT @FakeMARTA: Attn. MARTA ride customers: Bad employee behavior is not tolerated as soon as the news finds out about it:
  • Mon, 10:36: Doctor looked at my cyst. Too small to do anything about. Guess that's a good thing but kind of want my co-pay back.
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