May 23rd, 2011

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  • Sun, 14:55: Traffic on Connector south looks totally suck, BTW. #atltraffic
  • Sun, 15:43: Working 'door' at Ol' Fourth Farm Fete. Private event at Wheat Street Gardens, good by local restaurants, community garden tours.
  • Sun, 19:05: RT @D2ChiefofStuff: Charles Whatley of the Atlanta Development Authority is speaking at the Ol' Fourth Farm Fete at the Wheat St urban f ...
  • Sun, 19:07: This community garden food has been a good time. Friendly people and great food and drink. Wheat Street Gardens, check it out!
  • Sun, 19:54: RT @AlterNet: Turning the Camera: Why Are Cops Allowed to Film Citizens, But Citizens Not Allowed to Film Police Brutality? ...
  • Sun, 19:58: Sooooo tired from this volunteer gig but well sated with food and drink. And people have been fabulous. # atlanta
  • Sun, 21:28: Got blisters, heat rash, exhaustion + possible sunburn but man, had a great time at Ol' Fourth Farm Fete @ Wheat Street Gardens. Energized!
  • Sun, 21:28: For all my snarky comments & hate re Atlanta, one thing I have gotten out of Atlanta is exposure to a great DIVERSITY of people.
  • Sun, 21:50: Exhausted but at same time hyper and having verbal diarrhea, at least online. Time to do crosswords until power of chocolate stout hits.
  • Mon, 07:29: Harry was soooooo obnoxious about waking me up (nearly an hour early) today. Aaargh.
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