June 4th, 2011

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  • Fri, 12:28: Speaking of morons... RT @peoplefor Allen West: "gay marriage is an oxymoron" & will end society http://bit.ly/iQRRJv
  • Fri, 12:37: RT @Castleberry411: High Museum of Art- Free Admission 1st Saturday's http://p.ost.im/p/3QKtp #Castleberryhill
  • Fri, 13:34: I should start a Twitter account just to share the crazy phone calls I get from Caleb. Just now it was "OMG, found a bitter bar in Madison!"
  • Fri, 13:37: On page 221 of 320 of Four Ways to Forgiveness, by Ursula K. Le Guin: Fascinating look at h... http://goodreads.com/user_status/show/6532467
  • Fri, 13:45: Remember former @ajc arts writer Jim Auchmutey? I work with his wife & she shared his 1st article with @cnn - http://is.gd/0Kj5CZ #gwtw
  • Fri, 14:18: Been working on biggest social media info campaign yet, all about AIDS at 30. Programmed out through entire month. Huzzah!
  • Fri, 15:22: True: When I was little, at least through kindergarten, I would hum really, really loudly for hours to block out family around me, focus.
  • Fri, 15:36: How can I escape Atlanta this summer?! Just a few days now and then. Cannot stand the heat. But kinda broke. Vacation in fridge?
  • Fri, 16:15: Does anyone EVER use Tumblr's Explore feature? They killed Directory, left stupid replacement, bad tagging system. #Tumblr #Grr
  • Fri, 16:58: RT @juliewolfe: If one more person who sits in an AC bldg. all day tells me how sweaty & gross I am, I'm going to lock their pale butts ...
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