June 12th, 2011

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My tweets

  • Sat, 18:32: Ppl keep reporting events rained out today in Atlanta. Where is this alleged rain?
  • Sat, 22:29: Drunk on French beer, Fischer. Ok, Alsatian actually, so German-French. Rather forgettable but comes in large bottle.
  • Sun, 05:19: Awake. Yesterday I woke up at 5:30, today 4:30. Not a good trend. Ate, gave cats love, did a crossword. Now: bed again.
  • Sun, 09:32: RT @SpaceyG: Yes, I like that sushi is becoming fast food. Although Hispanics making it behind the bar kinda cracks me up.
  • Sun, 10:30: Headed to airport to meet up with sister Nancy, who has stopover on way home from Chile. Will be lovely to see her!
  • Sun, 11:49: RT @tomtomorrow: Sign you live in a plutocracy: guard dogs costing $230,000. http://nyti.ms/izMp9o