June 23rd, 2011

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  • Wed, 13:58: On page 86 of 384 of Weight of Stone, by Laura Anne Gilman: Not great writing but the characters are interesting en... http://bit.ly/jBqFJR
  • Wed, 14:05: Testing out FlipCam for the boss who got it 2 years ago and now is ready to learn. Showing him Friday. Not that there's much to it!
  • Wed, 14:37: RT @tomtomorrow: Why do wrong numbers always want to argue the point? Do they think it's more likely that I've forgotten who I am than ...
  • Wed, 20:10: Eating beets from Moore Farms CSA. Mmmm. http://bit.ly/mpyvuM @GetGlue #Beet
  • Wed, 20:16: Anxious for no good reason. Joy!
  • Wed, 23:33: On page 235 of 384 of Weight of Stone, by Laura Anne Gilman: I don't know why I keep gulping down books like this l... http://bit.ly/iNfgeW
  • Thu, 01:02: Hate the fact that I've been anxious, agitated & tense since getting home - for no reason. Like body alarm trigered, but no threat. Damn.
  • Thu, 07:52: I slept. Hallelujah!
  • Thu, 07:55: Scrap of dream: Jon Stewart praying at his dad's grave, on Daily Show set, and Roomba picking up around him as I tried to get a photo.
  • Thu, 08:08: OMG, cops finally got Whitey Bulger, legendary crime boss fugitive. Ah, Massachusetts memories!
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