June 30th, 2011

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  • Wed, 12:30: Eating a green carrot - no, really a green carrot. From Moore Farms. http://twitpic.com/5inqtc
  • Wed, 12:37: Just installed the Fluid desktop app for Hootsuite. Just sick of having that tab open all the time in my browser!
  • Wed, 13:33: RT @thomaswheatley: Via the FTA: #MARTA wins $840,000 grant to retrofit buses w/ advanced lithium-ion batteries and electrical control s ...
  • Wed, 13:34: Good deed of the day: Printed & copied flyers for Moore Farms CSA & put them in office breakroom with testimonial. #organic #local
  • Wed, 14:17: Riddle me this: Why can't I -delete- email (Exchange or Gmail) thru my iPad's inbuilt email app? (May apply to iPhone too.)
  • Wed, 14:19: RT @peoplefor: St. Louis clergy slam Rep. Akin for "liberalism...is a hatred for God" comment: http://bit.ly/k6FEwp Original intvu: http ...
  • Wed, 14:29: RT @HootSuite_Help: @wcdarling Pending columns have been re-implemented. Click "Add stream" to add them back. ^CT
  • Wed, 14:32: Good to know! Have fixed. Mystery solved. RT @cvarkey Under Mail settings, go to email account and turn off archiving.
  • Wed, 14:57: Turned over the Twitter account I ran for our neighborhood org. & they killed it, set up new account. Which they hardly ever use. Sigh.
  • Wed, 14:58: At least my neighborhood uses FB, esp. for events. Otherwise I would be so out of the loop!
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