July 29th, 2011

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  • Thu, 12:25: Accruing more karma points: Set up Thunderbird and two mail accounts on my boss's MacBook. Tomorrow external hard drive. Whoo!
  • Thu, 12:48: I don't understand how Fox News can use the term "the mainstream media" as if that represents "them" and they aren't a part of it. (I wish!)
  • Thu, 14:38: I was 1 of them & it wasn't pretty. RT @emoryhealthcare Did you know almost 1.7 million Georgians have no health insurance? #fact #health
  • Thu, 14:41: Best thing about being w/o health insurance was that it led me to seek mental health care at Emory's residential clinic. Best thing for me.
  • Thu, 14:53: Just made a movie that's basically an animation showing how shear stress of blood in high blood pressure leads to arteriosclerosis.
  • Thu, 15:01: Headache coming on strong. Trying to rebuff it but it just can't take a hint.
  • Thu, 15:28: OH: "Cats are so much high maintenance than dogs." Oh, and dogs are so "clean" too. WTF?! #pets
  • Thu, 15:51: Headache is killing me and about to go to the kind of meeting that would give me a headache/soulache anyway. Tonight will be pub night, LOL.
  • Thu, 17:16: Headache at horrendous levels. Was going to go to pub but ugh, if I make it to CVS to pick up my Prozac I'll be doing well. Ughhhhhh.
  • Thu, 18:47: Screeching Weasel came on @RagingBurrito - further example of why I love their music selection. Who plays punk?
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