August 4th, 2011

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  • Wed, 12:23: Learned today: Bing Crosby didn't do "Cheek to Cheek" nearly as well as Fred Astaire did. Hard act to compete with.
  • Wed, 12:25: RT @RubenBolling: I linked this NYT pic of starving Somali baby to US debt story next to it. Cowards causing misery in name of ideology. ...
  • Wed, 12:26: Still haven't finished those urban health videos, needed a break, and now I have new video: stroke rehab, travel medicine, sugar. Gah.
  • Wed, 12:32: TriBeCa, fab clothing shop been Downtown as long as I have, has closed :( In Muse's block btw. Broad & Ptree. I have my skirts & tops.
  • Wed, 15:49: Oh, God, BA is having a nice special involving 2x as many sky miles for free... Now England would be a good escape about now. Hmmm...
  • Thu, 07:51: Usually storms don't wake me but good God those thunderbombs at 5 am did.
  • Thu, 08:53: Taking it slow this morning... Stayed up kinda late and storms woke me up. Zzzzzzz.
  • Thu, 10:54: Hilarious @ajc web headline of the day, least if you like puns: "Fowl start to the morning" re chickens on I-285-->
  • Thu, 10:59: ...And terrifying @ajc headline of the day: "Hardee’s (re)introduces the fried bologna biscuit"