August 9th, 2011

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  • Mon, 12:21: I appreciate how when I open a can of tuna at work, I do not have a large furry creature clawing & screeching at me for a share.
  • Mon, 13:09: I never got Twitter spam 'til the Weiner scandal.
  • Mon, 13:10: Monday is always my least productive day by far.
  • Mon, 15:09: LOL... This is hilarious. --> Dumb Tweets @ Brands via @MarkRaganCEO #branding #pr
  • Mon, 16:51: RT @ajc: yep GRTA Wms and Ivan Allen RT @eugenephoto: Is there a bus on fire in downtown #Atlanta? I see smoke from my window... (cc: @ajc)
  • Mon, 16:52: This morning I shot an interview with a woman who looked a lot like Martin Gore. Not that that's much of a stretch, mind you.
  • Mon, 20:36: There is SUCH lightning due east of Downtown. Boom boom boom! Giant bolts. One was pink I think. #atlweather
  • Mon, 20:36: Earlier I was worried there was another freak tornado hitting Downtown #Atlanta - large debris flying around, raining -up-. #atlweather
  • Mon, 20:38: This is the most lightning I've ever seen, all due east, about in the direction of Oakland Cemetery. Huge strikes. #atlweather
  • Mon, 20:45: OK, now we have purple lightning and giant forked lightning. Whole sky is turning pink and purple and blue like fireworks. #atlweather
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