August 11th, 2011

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  • Wed, 12:08: I love how I now find out about the press releases -I- used to have to post by seeing them appear in my FB news feed.
  • Wed, 12:22: Firefox has been super flaky the past few weeks, ever since I went to 5 or whatever. Crashes, freezes. May have to use Chrome today.
  • Wed, 13:16: RT @MidtownPatch: Produce Stand Opens in Midtown ... Dewberry Market offers fresh fruits and veggies in the heart of Midtown ...
  • Wed, 15:13: I'm sorry, but I still can't remember Google+ exists. The whole log-in with my other address thing doesn't help.
  • Wed, 17:11: Just spent like 2 hrs. getting 11 min. of video off a tape (dropped frames, argh) and then there is a buzz in the audio. Tough cookies.
  • Wed, 17:11: RT @PopSci: The NYPD established a new unit to track crimes--both past and possible future crimes--via social media.
  • Wed, 18:27: Pleeeeeaaase be working, home Internet. Tech was by for couple hours checking stuff. Neighbor who works from home managing logistics.
  • Wed, 21:42: Hmmm.... Apparently it takes accidentally deleting your home wifi to get 3G coverage at my place.
  • Thu, 10:12: Home Internet still down. Neighbor gave me personal # of tech working on the case. Will chat with him today I hope. Ugh.