August 21st, 2011

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My tweets

  • Sat, 13:45: Drinking frozen liquirizia. Mmm.
  • Sat, 18:34: Blessings on @eikichi_onizuka for setting me up with a new, working, secure home wireless network. *pours virtual sweet tea*
  • Sat, 21:10: Businesses that email birthday freebie coupons but require you PRINT them to use? Fail. Looking at you, @CafeIntermezzo :(
  • Sat, 21:11: Exxxxxellent. RT @DragonCon: Update: Registration will open at 2PM on Thursday (9/1), not 4PM.
  • Sun, 00:52: It's been a night of many sirens tonight. Grady ER must be crazy. Police blotter ditto.
  • Sun, 00:56: Professions of my family: mech. engineer (Dad), IT teacher (Mom), psych prof (sis), software engineer (2 sis), mid/HS teacher (bro). And me.
  • Sun, 08:16: Dreamt I was representing @LynnFlewelling at a con. Combo of rereading Nightrunner and Dragon*Con coming up?
  • Sun, 09:53: That may be but I love me my Mountain Dew & Dr. Pepper. RT @ajc Coca-Cola whooping the fizz outta Pepsi.
  • Sun, 09:54: Messing with Harry by blowing up small balloons and sticking them to him with static electricity.